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Whether you are a Camano Island local, or looking to re-locate, you may have heard of Camano Island for its delicious coffee. While you indeed can find delicious coffee on Camano Island, that isn’t the only place you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of joe as Camano Island Coffee can be found at a large handful of cafes in surrounding areas. You can help support a local business, enjoy your morning coffee, and help support farmers around the world all by choosing to enjoy one of Camano Island’s most popular coffee companies.

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coffeeCamano Island Coffee Roasters are well known throughout the Camano Island community. Providing delicious roasted coffee beans that are USDA Organic, Shade Grown, and specialty grade within the top 1% Arabica, Camano Island Coffee Roasters takes pride in being a part of fairly traded coffee, ensuring that their farmers are treated like family.

If that’s enough, then get ready because we haven’t even opened the bag of beans, no pun intended. While many people believe that coffee has little flavor, or is simply burnt or not, there are actually more than 800 different roasting combinations that bring out multiple different flavor profiles.  If coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry! They also provide delicious varieties of hot cocoa and teas.

Camano Island Coffee roasters Has created roasted beans in 4 different categories including Sugar, Nutty, Fruit and Cocoa. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast and know exactly how you like your roast, or if you’re simply interested in trying multiple different roasts until you find your favorite, Camano Island Roasters offer 12 different blends that fall within the four above categories, each unique and highlighted its own special flavor profile.

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In addition to their delicious hand-crafted beverages, you can also find a large array of fun and unique gifts. From mugs, cups, apparel, coffee gift boxes, brewing equipment and more, it’s a one stop shop for both your dining and shopping needs.

While Camano Island is home to many different hidden gems, their love for a fresh brewed cup of joe is no secret. Whether you call Camano Island home already, enjoy the taste of Camano at a nearby café, or are hoping to re-locate, Camano Island is ready for you to explore to discover your own hidden gems.

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