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Mabana Beach Camano Island WA

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Mabana Beach is located on the west side of Camano Island towards the southern tip directly across from Tyee Beach and south of Camp Diana and Sunny Shores Acres. This is a small area is located just off of S. Camano Dr. and is home to several residential communities and the historic Port of Mabana.

This beautiful beach is open to the public and was originally named back in 1972. Swedish born immigrant Nils Anderson was logging at this small isolated spot on Camano Island in the 1890s and in 1898 purchased a ranch above Mabana Beach to build a home for his family. Around 1911, he purchased the tidelands of Mabana and platted the gently sloping hillside above the beach.

He built a 900-foot dock that became known as the Mabana Dock due to the extremely shallow tidelands in this area. In 1926, local voters approve the formation of the Port of Mabana and in 1946 a small hotel and store were built overlooking the beach. There were cabins for rent, events, and in the 1950s and 60s, many more homes were built inland of the road that ran along the top of the bluff overlooking the beach.

Today, the Port of Mabana still remains covering the southern tip of Camano Island north to Mountain View Rd. A 40-foot break in the seawall allows the public to enjoy the sandy beach and the gorgeous views looking across to Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains. It’s an ideal place for swimming, crabbing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Whether you’re well watching or beach combing or simply enjoying the peace and quiet, Mabana Beach is an excellent little hidden gem on Camano Island.



Mabana Beach is home to beautiful little cabins and cottages, low bank and high bank waterfront homes, and newly constructed properties. The Camano Island fire department is located just off of S. Camano Dr. in this area but this is primarily residential. It’s about 25 minutes to Stanwood at about 30 minutes or so to Interstate 5.

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Thank you to SunnyShoreStudio for the history lesson on Camano Island

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