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While Camano Island may not be lined with palm trees and sandy white beaches, the wildlife and landscape that it provides is nothing short of breathtaking. Whether you are a current resident of the island, looking to purchase a new home, or simply looking for a day of site seeing and exploration, Camano Island is the perfect place to be. Located easily by car, Camano Island is a prime location for both real estate as well as day trips to explore the Island.

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Among the rocky and pebble lined beaches and often tucked into the tall Fir and Oak trees, Camano Island is beaming with both plant and wildlife. You can find many small mammals such as chipmunks, racoons and rabbits, which are some of the more commonly seen wildlife, running through higher traffic areas. In more remote or heavily wooded areas of the Island you can easily spot deer, elk, coyotes, skunks, and even the rare mule.

Head to the beach to find a large array of aquatic creatures, both near and far from the shore. With some luck and a good pair of binoculars, you may even see a pod of whales breaking the surface. Otters and other mammals swim and play and are often spotted both in and out of the water, one of the local’s favorite sightings!

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Camano Island WildlifeLook to the sky and you will find dozens of different bird species, both commonly sighted and rarely seen. Bird watching is a common activity and can be enjoyed from one of many designated bird watching locations, as well as by car for those who prefer a more relaxed bird watching experience. Yellow Warbler, Cedar Waxwing, Osprey, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, the Pigeon Guillemot and so many more are all a part of the wildlife you can see while scanning the skies, woods and waters of Camano Island.

Whether you call Camano Island home, or are searching for a fun day activity, the wildlife within and around Camano Island is sure to give you a day full or fun and exploring. From relaxed bird watching, to a scavenger hunt identifying different species of wildlife and greenery, Camano Island provides fun and education for those of all ages and experience levels.

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