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Camano Head Real Estate

Camano Head Real Estate


South End Camano Island

Camano Island’s south end has several smaller beaches around the tip including Camano Head and Pebble Beach. These quiet and low accessibility beaches are perfect for beachcombing, birdwatching, enjoying the view, or finding a home a little farther away from the hustle and bustle of more major cities on the island.

The south end of Camano Island is home to mainly residential properties, lots, land, and a few in-home businesses. There is very little if any commercial businesses in this area. Unfortunately, there is no other access to Camano Island other than S. Camano Dr. and E. Camano Dr. which loops around the south end. So, if you plan on buying a home, realize that there’s only one way in and off the island at this point.

However, some people love that. It’s private, and of course, you won’t find anyone that doesn’t live here traveling on the roads, so it’s pretty quiet.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is a claiming beach full of clams, crabs, and other sea creatures. It offers a beautiful view of would be island in a good beach for agate hunting. Whether you’re having a picnic, beach combing, or simply enjoying nature, Pebble Beach makes an excellent location and are several homes nearby.

Camano Head

The south and also includes Camano head a neighborhood of about 2000 residents. Over 80% are homeowners and it’s really towards the very tip of Camano Island. All the homes are surrounded by trees and several have beautiful views of the mainland or would be island.

Tyee Beach

This Beach has several vacation rentals and beautiful homes and is the location of Tyee Fams, a beautiful 10 acre property for outdoor events, weddings, grocery stores, and just an all-around beautiful location.


homes on the southern end of Camano Island start at about $150,000 for lots of up to 700 or even $800,000. Depending on the view, lot size, location, age, and amenities, properties are really all over the board but again, your down at the further end of the island so troubling is a little bit longer of a commute.

For more information visit all of the listings below or simply contact my office for a detailed list of specific homes in the southern end of Camano Island that that your search criteria and price.

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