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Helping buyers find the right home, waterfront property, or land on Camano Island has been my passion for decades. As with all of my buyers, I want you to know three major things when it comes to buying property.Camano Island Buyers

#1. Financial setup.

Being financially prepared or at the very least understanding your own finances is the first step to homeownership. Whether you are already a homeowner or this is your very first time, I ask that all of my buyers get a copy of their credit history, get pre-approved with a lender, and understand their finances in detail before buying a home. This is one of the biggest financial choices you’re going to make an understanding all of your debt, assets, income, liabilities, and how much you can afford is essential for buying a home that you can maintain.

#2. Know what you want.

Yes, it is my job, but I have spoken to hundreds of clients over the years that really have no idea what they really want. They know they want to home and may have a few specifics, but it’s really until you start looking at homes that you narrow down your search. And I understand that; sometimes you have to start somewhere, but take a notebook with you and write down pros, cons, and deal breakers. This will help narrow down your choice the closer we get to the right property.

#3. Have your own representation.

This probably should be number one as I cannot stress it enough. Having your own representation when buying a property is essential to making sure your terms, price, and confidential information is kept at the highest priority. The opposite would be enlisting the help of the listing agent selling a particular property, but that agent’s primary goal is to sell one home, not necessarily find you the right home for your needs. Having your own buyer representation is free to use but it is essential in finding the right home with all of your priorities in our best interest.

If you’re ready to get started, feel free to give me a call. It doesn’t matter where you are on the homebuying spectrum, I can help you find a lender, show any home on Camino Island and surrounding areas, and answer any questions you might have about buying waterfront property, single-family homes or condominiums.

Mitzi has a great knowledge of the Camano Island market and locations. She helped us purchase the beach home we had always hoped to find! Mitzi was a huge help to us in navigating the complicated transaction of buying and selling at the same time. She was very responsive and worked very hard to get our deals done. Mitzi always took the time to explain everything and make sure we were comfortable at every step of the process. She was so valuable and we would highly recommend her!!!” – Zuser

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