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A beach access home on Camano Island will typically mean that the home is close to the beach, but not necessarily. There are homes in a few communities that have beach access for the entire community, not just a specific home. So it’s important to distinguish what type of beach access you’re looking for. The more private the beach access the higher price the home typically, but of course, the condition, size, and location matters as well.

Beachfront access homes can start as little as $180,000 for manufactured homes or lots. Single-family homes start about $250,000. Larger homes are those that are in better condition start about $400,000, and then of course, you have your high-end luxury properties over $700,000. Beach access is found on both the west and the east side as well as the north side along W. North Camano Dr.

the best way to go about finding the right property for you is to simply tell me what you’re looking for and let me find that home. Listing agents can put whatever they want on a listing description in order to get buyers clicking on the property. But that may not be exactly what you want. If you let me do the research for you I can find the right beach access home for your needs and your budget. Plus, I may be able to offer suggestions and advice on looking for the right beach access homes and what that entails. Give me a call today and let’s get started.

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