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It’s March and many Snowbirds are starting to fly home, at least to their northern homes, and many are ready to settle down. Camano Island is home to many retirees. My own parents and grandparent lived and retired on the island. What makes Camano such a positive place for retiring snowbirds?

Most snowbirds are flying south to get out of shoveling snow and they want to be safe and stay active throughout the year. A great bonus of retiring and staying the winter through on Camano Island is that the weather is mild and therefore there is little chance of snow to shovel nor of pipes freezing. Fore! Mild winters equal being able to play golf through many of the months of the year whereas in other northern states golf is not even a possibility.

Another big plus is that, although Camano Island is a true island, it’s so close to the mainland that only a short bridge spans the space between the mainland and the island. No ferry traffic to wait in, no fees. There is the Camano Crawl, that dreaded commuter traffic, but because seniors are usually retired they can travel during off-hours, not having to fight the commuting traffic.

Stanwood is close!Is Camano Island Good for Snowbirds?

There is a new YMCA in town for health and for making new friends in classes, some perfect for Seniors, whether for the timid or the adventurous. Stanwood has a variety of places to shop, eat, and craft stores for hobbies, from textiles to building supplies stores. Stanwood has Mexican, Chinese, Americana cafes, and fast-food restaurants, and of course Starbucks.

Confusing Stanwood and Camano Island

The local clinic on the island is handy and there is also a physical therapy office close to the library at the “Y”. And the Seniors’ club meets at the newer, Camano Center, a hub of all kinds of activities and nutritious and delicious meals. In Stanwood, there is a nursing facility for a long term stay when needed so if a spouse requires that for a time then their loved one can easily visit without having to fight traffic or travel far.


More Services a Little North

For more needs and entertainment, seniors can travel north to Mt. Vernon, think Costco, Olive Garden, Target, Lowes, and Ross plus a regional hospital. Or one may head south to Marysville and Arlington with similar choices. But for more medical needs and entertainment fun, Everett is only 1 hour south and Seattle 1.5 hours south, of course, that depends on traffic. A great bonus is available for booking travel to different towns through the Senior and community centers.

One thing seniors need is to be needed and to have continuous relationships. There are many opportunities for seniors to volunteer on the island and in Stanwood. One can learn about volunteer opportunities through the Camano Center and Stanwood Community and Senior Center and other service organizations. Schools often appreciate seniors sharing their skills with students and even tutoring in various subjects.

Lastly, who wouldn’t want to live on an island?!

There are sunsets, sunrises, beaches to explore and more. And because there are so many outdoor activities, family members, think of grandkids and great-grandkids, too, will have a lot of fun visiting Grandma and Grandpa. You can all go to the beach for a picnic, they can try hikes, kayaking, whale watching, fishing and even flying down the zipline! Retiring on Camano is THE life.

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