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5 Things Sellers May Not Want you to Know About a HouseA home purchase will more than likely be the most expensive purchase you will ever make so it only seems fitting to double and triple check a few common problems that sellers try to hide. The best way to avoid a laundry list of problems is to ensure you have a trusted and reputable company completing all of your home inspections. The two most important inspections when purchasing a home will be your home inspection and pest inspection. Let’s take a look at some commonly hidden problems that could result in a lemon of a house after your purchase is complete. Here are what sellers may not want you to know.


When touring a home, it isn’t uncommon for the real estate agent or seller to have nice soft music playing in the background, while sometimes this is simply to add a calming effect, other times it is used to hide outdoor noise such as traffic noise from a nearby freeway, train horns, low flying planes, etc. Be sure to ask to have the music turned off and spend some time listening for any unwanted noises. You can also drive the neighborhood before or after your tour to see if you notice any unwanted noises or disruptions.

5 Things Sellers May Not Want you to Know About a HouseDeck Damage

Repairing or replacing a deck can easily cost a new homeowner thousands of dollars, especially if the deck has set into a stage of rot. If there is a freshly painted deck, be sure to have your inspector look at the deck closely as often a fresh coat of paint or a new wood stain is used to spruce up a deck that may not be in the best condition, causing a costly repair right down the road.


Creepy crawlies are nobody’s friend and yet, oftentimes they come as a bonus house guest when purchasing a new home. Luckily there is a very easy way to avoid this problem from happening, schedule a pest inspection. A reputable pest inspection agency should be able to check for any recent presence of pests, and if found, request that the problem be addressed by the seller prior to your purchase ensuring that you and you alone are the only ones settling into your home. An infrared test can determine pest infestation.

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Drainage is a very commonly overlooked problem and can cause a lot of frustration in the winter and rainy spring days. When touring a home in the sunshine it is extremely easy for a seller to not disclose if there are any drainage problems throughout the property. This could be as simple as a puddle forming in the driveway when it rains or could result in a large portion of the yard flooding. If you don’t want to wear rain boots and tread through standing water while bringing groceries in, be sure to explore any possibilities of poor draining.

Construction5 Things Sellers May Not Want you to Know About a House

The last thing you want to do is buy your dream home only to discover that right across the street is now a construction zone. Bulldozers and jackhammers are no way to peacefully enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Be sure to inquire about any known construction plans within the neighborhood that may affect the enjoyment of your new home. This may also include surrounding areas that would close roads and require alternative routes to get to and from your home.

As long as you have a good inspector and a trusted real estate agent, a lot of these problems can be easily avoided. When purchasing a home be sure to think of any and all negatives that could happen and explore them thoroughly to ensure that your purchase can be enjoyed for years to come with no trace of buyer’s remorse.

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