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As Fall quickly approaches many homeowners are wondering if it is a good time to list their home and begin the selling process. Most people sell during the summer before the kids go back to school but around here, most kids are doing distant learning so we’re all still at home.

The market is still hot and real estate is selling quickly so rest assured choosing to list your home this Fall is a great decision. While there are many tips and tricks to help your listing receive more online views, tours, and offers, there are a few things you should pay extra attention to when choosing to sell your home in the Fall or even Winter months.

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Water – The possibility of rain is much higher in the fall and due to this you should pay extra attention to a few different aspects of your home to help assist you in a profitable and successful sale.

  • Flooding and puddles are more common with heavy rainfall and can easily deter buyers so try to plan accordingly. If there is an area of your driveway or yard that tends to create large puddles or show signs of poor drainage see what you can do to help create proper drainage and avoid standing water. Lay down sand to help absorb extra water, add extra landscaping to help move the water more evenly to an area with better drainage, etc.
  • Grey, gloomy and rainy weather can put buyers in a not so cheery mood, when they walk through your front door for a tour, transport them into a bright airy, happy home. Use neutral light paint to brighten rooms, turn on all lights, add extra floor lamps, open all bedroom and bathroom doors, and try putting a vase of brightly colored flowers in the kitchen and dining room to bring a sense of freshness and color to the home.
  • Mud is easily tracked into a home when it is raining outside, while this can’t always be avoided, you should make sure you have a nice welcome mat outside the front and back door as well as provide bootie covers by the entrance to the home. There is nothing worse than touring a home that has muddy footprints all over the floor.
  • Scent plays a huge role when it comes to your mood, while a generally rule of thumb when selling your home is to bake a batch of fresh cookies, during the Fall months try to back something that has cinnamon or nutmeg to fill the home with a spiced fall scent. This scent is comforting to many buyers and will allow them to feel at home during the tour

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While Fall does bring a few challenges when it comes to listing real estate, as long as you follow these few tricks you can have a successful Fall sale. As with any real estate sale, you always want to be sure you have a great seller’s agent working with you, this ensures a less stressful selling experience, a guide through the selling process, and helps you receive the best profit upon closing.

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For more information on listing your home, to find a qualified and experienced seller’s agent, or for any questions regarding the buying or selling process, please feel free to contact my office at any time.

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