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3 Things Buyers Hate in an Older Home – And how to fix it!

When it comes time to sell your property you want to be able to compete with the modern homes on the market today. Many buyers are seeing showroom homes and model properties that have the latest and greatest of every feature. Homeowners become so accustomed to their own fixtures and homes features that they can tend to overlook these items. Unfortunately, some of these outdated items are glaringly obvious to buyers.3 Things Buyers Hate in an Older Home - And how to fix it!

Here are three things that homebuyers hate to see in homes and they can be simple and sometimes inexpensive fixes for sellers.

  1. Brass Fixtures – Brass fixtures were the go-to finish of all builders and developers for several decades but now brushed nickel, burnished bronze, and more updated and modern fixtures and finishes are replacing these old beat up looking brass fixture such as doorknobs, lighting fixtures and hinges. You might be surprised as to how much of your home is covered in this outdated finish so have a fresh pair of eyes go through your home and make notes of anything that should be replaced.
  2. Crystal faucet handles – These types of handles where the modern thing back in the 1970s and 80s and even several of the homes built in the 90s may still have these type of outdated handles and knobs. It’s time to update them with something more modern and you can actually do this for less than $50 per handle.
  3. Vanity lighting – Long strips of lights or globe lighting along a strip up against the wall above the mirror is old school. Buyers want to see beautiful sconces or up lighting fixtures that are sleeker in design.

You want the home to feel a little more on the luxurious side and the last thing you want buyers to think is, “this home is cheap”. These simple tips to update small details throughout your home will add appeal and a contemporary design to all accents.

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