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Simple ideas for making your house attractive to home shoppers for a quicker sell

There are so many decisions we have to make when we’re planning to sell our homes. We want the best price and we want to sell quickly. So, knowing some of the things that new owners are looking for and what they do not want can definitely help the whole sales process be smoother and quicker. How to Make Your Home Appealing to Buyers


First, let’s talk about kitchen countertops. Most home shoppers are looking for smooth and higher-end countertops, such as quartz or granite but even Formica is acceptable, especially if it’s updated. But definitely the current population of home shoppers do not want tile. No matter the size, larger, 12 inches, or smaller tile, 4 inches, will cause any houses with those countertops to be bypassed. Still looking at what’s desirable in the kitchen, millennials, especially, will not want outdated oak cabinetry or cupboards. The cabinetry does not have to be new but they do need hardware and an update

Living Room, Hallway, Bathrooms

Waltzing into the living room, down the hallway, and possibly into the bedrooms some houses have that dreaded popcorn texturing still stuck on their ceilings. That is a no-go for most home buyers. Some popcorn ceilings still have asbestos in the “kernals”, so before starting the scrapping-off process, a small section should be checked first before its removal. Another 1960s and 70s give away is wood paneling. Some updated wood paneling, and definitely shiplap, attract new buyers, however, the old-style wood paneling, any loud wallpaper, and faux paint are not popular.


Continuing on into the bathroom one might spy what they think is a crystal ball, but, no, it is the very outdated faux crystal faucet handles. These simply need to be replaced with flipper or lever faucets and handles which match and meet the Disabilities Act standard. Now looking at the mirror, a builder-grade mirror, one might feel they are preparing to go on TV with vanity light strips with bare round bulbs. Try replacing those with a fixture that has a shade for each bulb plus a mirror that is framed with an updated style. Lastly in the bathroom, rip up that carpet and replace it with something easy to clean and that looks classy. It doesn’t have to be expensive but carpeting just will not work here anymore.

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Lastly, make life easy for yourself and the new buyers. Remember KISS, or better yet, KTLS, Keep The Landscaping simple. Curb appeal is key to selling but low maintenance is what new owners are looking for. Curb appeal means a neat, clean, and trimmed yard, not overgrown bushes and trees, but a theme that complements the house itself.

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