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If you’re selling your home you are probably trying to think of everything that needs to be packed and organized, however, there are a few things that you should always leave for the new owners of your home. While each home is unique, generally speaking these are the 6 things that should be left behind and not packed up.

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#1 Home Warranties

If your home has a home warranty that will be transferred to the new homeowners, make sure that the warranty information is available to the buyers.


#2 Manuals

Any and all manuals for appliances within the home should be left behind. This could be for the water heater, kitchen appliances, etc.


#3 Spare Keys

If you have a hide a kay, or your family and friends have a spare, make sure to gather them all and leave them for the new owners, this ensures that only the owners have access to the property should they choose not to change the locks.

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#4 Touch Up Paint

This is one of the most appreciated things to leave behind, especially if the house has been freshly painted. Make sure to label the cans with which rooms and walls each color of paint is used on.


#5 Remotes

If you have any feature within the home that requires a remote control such as an electric fireplace, ceilings fans etc. make sure to leave all remotes that the new homeowner may need behind. As an extra touch, try to label the remotes for the new homeowners so that they know which remote does what.


#6 Vendors

This is one of the least common things to leave, but also extremely appreciated by new homeowners. If you have a garage repair guy who has worked on the garage, an electrician who updates and knows your electrical system, plumbers etc. anyone who has worked on your home who you would recommend, leave a list of their names, companies and contact info for the new owners.

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Leaving these few things behind will immensely help the buyers. As with any home sale, prior to handing the keys over and closing, make sure your home is clean and free of any and all debris or unwanted items aside from those things mentioned in the list above.

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