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If you’re wondering if it’s time to downsize, then the time may be coming. Generally, if you’ve started to think about the possibility then that’s the first true sign that you may be ready. While many people believe that bigger is better, this isn’t always the case and is often the complete opposite for those who are ready to get a smaller home that better suits their needs. While there are quite a few things that could contribute to your decision to downsize, these 5 things could play a huge role in your decision and the next phase of life.

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Retiring is one of the most popular reasons for downsizing as homeowners prepare for a new phase of life. Whether you plan to retire in a different city, state, or simply want a smaller home, there are many factors that could lead to making the decision to move during or right before retirement.


While you may have loved a fixer upper at once point in life, if the regular maintenance of your home has become too much for you, then that is a sign that you’re ready. If you are unable to keep up on everyday maintenance or routine maintenance, you risk your home becoming run down or in need of costly repairs.

Too Much Unused Space

Dust is nobody’s friend, and if you have unused bedrooms or extra space in your home that isn’t being used, it’s doing you no good. Another huge sign that you’re ready to make the decision to downsize is when you realize you aren’t using all of your home and the majority of it is sitting unused and untouched, thus collecting dust.


This can be on both ends of the spectrum. If you can no longer afford the payments or taxes on your home, consider moving into a smaller and more affordable house or condo, on the flip side, if you can sell your home for a large profit and help fund your retirement, or leave accounts for family members, pay off dect, etc. that might be another huge benefit of choosing to downsize.

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Unfortunately, even if you don’t choose to, your lifestyle may have changed. While climbing stairs to a second or third story may have once been a breeze, if it is becoming a challenge, it might be a good time to consider moving. Likewise, if your home is in a rural area far from shops and dining, you may wish to be closer to everyday conveniences which could also play a role in your lifestyle change and create the desire to move into a smaller home.

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