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We all know that natural light is a huge bonus within a home, however, as the weather starts to show signs of warming up, you may be left wanting to open your windows for some much-needed fresh air. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years, just purchased a new home, or had an “oops” moment during a renovation, there is nothing worse than discovering that one of your windows has been painted shut.

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Luckily there are a few ways that you can still get the window open and enjoy some fresh air without always having to hire a professional. The easiest way to try and get the window open is to simply use a putty knife.

Before we get started, make sure you understand what and where the sash of your window is. The Sash is simply, “the frame holding the pane of a window.” – dictionary.com.

If a ladder or step stool of any kind is needed in order to reach the window, it is always recommended to take extra safety precautions and always ensure that someone else is nearby to help avoid any accidents from occurring.

The easiest way to get the window open is to simply grab a putty knife and then try to slide the putty knife along the sash of the window, this includes going around the full window on all sides, including the top and bottom, as well as any joints that have also been painted. If you aren’t able to slide the knife in right away, try scraping along the crease where the sash meets the wall first as this can help loosen the paint and can often allow you to get the putty knife to fully slide in, thus breaking the seal the dried paint has created.

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Once you’ve slid the knife around the window and helped remove the seal caused by the paint, try to wiggle and slide the window open. While in some cases a simple method may not be achievable on your own, if you have the time and ability to try and fix the problem yourself, you could potentially save yourself some cash by doing the repair yourself.

The next steps, should this method not work, would be to remove the jams that are encasing the window, thus exposing the window and allowing you more leverage and wiggle room to get the window moving freely. The downside to this method is that you could cause damage to the jam and could end up needing to replace it.

As with all repairs, it is import to complete thorough research, ensure you have the proper tools, and set aside funds for the projects budget, as well as some reserves in case any damage or additional repairs are needed.

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