Onamac Beach


Seems like the picturesque Onamac lighthouse described in the USGS comments has been replaced with a standard navigation light. Sigh…

Onamac Point is located on the west side of the island about halfway down. The high bluff and north of Onamac is a perfect place for large homes with beautiful views looking over to Whidbey Island. This beautiful and quiet Beach is a short walk from the parking area and there’s plenty of driftwood, rocky and gravelly beach area, and good places to set up a campsite or beach campfire. Overnight camping is limited to just three nights and the four campsitesmay be reserved but there’s absolutely no camping allowed on the actual beach or around the picnic tables. There’s a boat ramp, but for members only.
Whether you’re looking for a quiet beach, a picnic by the waves, or an overnight camping trip, Onamac Point is a great location.

Chapman Creek has been identified as a potential Salmon spawning location. Looks to me like it’s going to need some help.

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