Cavelero Beach

Cavelero Beach is located at 1013 Simonson Pl. and is about a half an acre. This has a boat launch with close neighbors so please respect private property. Here’s a little bit about my visit to Cavelero Beach.

We started from Cavelero County Park and walked south toward Camano Country Club. It was a beautiful sunny day with a north wind keeping us comfortable as we walked. Don uses the offset tactic when he’s not able to walk along a bulkhead. It’s interesting to watch him when he’s measuring a ramp. If he can walk all the way around a ramp at a low tide, he squares the corners, but if it’s a high tide and he can’t get out into the water to complete the measurement, he makes a tapered /\ mark at the watermark. He’s got the body action down pat to make the /\ with his GPS.

Walking on an all cobble beach, pretty straight away, no hardening so just a nice walk on a beautiful day.

Don spots a 55-gallon drum that had been full of latex paint up against the base of a sheer bank (50′?)

One huge rock 5x5x5′ on the beach seems to have caught one large log and then lots of others got hooked up over time and a large triangle of wood covers most of the beach 200x200x100.

Two adolescent eagles are spooked as we approached. Now sandy beach.

We reach Camano Country Club and climb across the large rocks that rim the north edge of the inlet. The tide was high enough so that we couldn’t walk on the beach there. After the rocks was a wood bulkhead and noticed and recorded 12 old pilings in front of the club house. We continued south, no more bluff here.

Met our first resident, first property south of CCC, who was curious about who we were (Don was about to measure an offset from her bulkhead out to the soft sand) and Don explained who we were and although she hadn’t heard about the program she was very supportive.

We came across a man-made grid of about 10 logs cabled into the sand perpendicular to the water and with 2-3 cross logs per section. The grid was settled into soft sand and appeared to be doing its job.

Back to cobbles in front of a long bulkhead

We approached a new looking bulkhead and a homeowner came out. She told me that it was a new bulkhead put in last year. Her property was manicured and she mentioned that she and three of her neighbors had pulled out all the beach grasses in front of the bulkhead, but that her one neighbor ‘refused’ to remove the grasses (which I could see) in front of the other neighbor’s house. She had not heard about our program, but she had another neighbor who was very interested in ‘environmental stuff’ and she would tell him about us. I judged the situation and didn’t think it was the time to discuss leaving native grasses alone.

Noticed a 20′ long piece of 16″ black plastic pipe. Inside it was insulation and a 10-12″ diameter center pipe. Had no idea what it was for but it was just resting on a bunch of logs.

Stopped at the end of Camano Country Club Beach No. 2.

A really nice walk–also sadly observed very little beach glass!